When and Where does Music in the Park take place?

The 2017 Season runs from June 18 to August 27 every Sunday from 5:00 PM to 7:15 PM (except August 13 due to Fiesta de Arts) on the lawn in front of the Los Gatos Civic Center, 110 E. Main Street (between Pageant Way and Fiesta Way) in Los Gatos, CA. The we finish the season dancing away summer at the Los Gatos Park Dance, Saturday, September 2nd (5:30 – 9:30 PM) at Oak Meadow Park.

GOOGLE MAP: Los Gatos Music in the Park

GOOGLE MAP: Los Gatos Park Dance at Oak Meadow Park!

Can I bring food and/or drinks to the park?

Yes! Food, coolers, beer, and wine are fine to enjoy and consume in the park.

The Town’s policy on alcohol: Town of Los Gatos Ordinance Sec. 19.10.025. “Picnickers may bring to a park, and drink beer or wine with their picnic lunches, so long as they conduct themselves in an orderly manner.”

Please do not carry your adult beverages into the surrounding streets or sidewalks. You can also purchase cold bottled water and soft drinks at our LGMIP Merchandise Booth.

How much does the concert cost?

Nada, zippo, nothing – FREE! Los Gatos Music in the Park relies solely on the generosity of our friends, supporters and sponsors. Many people make this concert series possible each year through their contributions to Los Gatos Music in the Park.

Are there trash and/or recycling cans?

Portable recycling & trash bins are provided surrounding the park for your convenience. Please be a good community member and make sure your area is completely picked up when you leave. (We want it looking great all week – and again for you NEXT Sunday!)

Some things to know (Town Policy – let’s be good neighbors!):

  • Please no unattended chairs, small tables, or other items reserving spaces on the Civic Center lawn PRIOR TO 3:00 PM on concert dates, (to allow for full public access and use of the park during the earlier hours of the day). Unattended items will be collected and placed in an area off the lawn, per Town of Los Gatos policy.
  • No blankets are allowed on the lawn (before or during the concerts – because they trap heat and damage the lawn).
  • Please no “circular seating” of groups. Rows of chairs (not circles) allow more people to enjoy LGMIP, and chairs in rows increase everyone’s safety by enabling fast access to aisles for exiting.
  • The Town of Los Gatos prohibits:
    1. tents,
    2. umbrellas,
    3. grills, and portable generators,
    4. items that disrupt the concert, tape or any other material,
    5. hanging or posting anything on (or climbing on!) trees, plants or light posts.
  • Out of courtesy and respect for others, please don’t put your chairs or table in spots that may obstruct someone’s view.
  • Low chairs and very small tables only please! Pedestrian walkways are marked on the lawn area. Please keep them clear.

Is there a seating policy, and what can we bring?

Sit where ever you like (within reason, and being courteous of other community members who were there before you).

Are large groups allowed at LGMIP?

Our goal is to for everyone to enjoy Los Gatos Music in the Park.

We welcome large groups (20+), and ask that they follow these guidelines to ensure a great experience for everyone

  • Large groups at LGMIP are 20 or more people sitting together.
  • Large groups are required to set up along the outer perimeter of the park (near Villa St.  or near Pageant Way – and away from the main stage seating area).
  • As with all attendees at LGMIP, setting up chairs ahead of time is ok (chairs set up before 3 PM must be attended – after 3 PM they can be left unattended for those wanting to get food, drinks, etc.) the difference being for large groups, after 3 PM, at least 25% of the people must be there to reserve the remaining chairs.
  • LGMIP and the Town of Los Gatos reserve the right to ask groups to condense the space they are holding if space taken exceeds the number of attendees
  • As with all attendees at Los Gatos Music in the Park, lawn chairs are encouraged.  (No blankets or other ground coverings please – they kill the lawn).
  • We ask large groups to be courteous of those around them – (to remain seated – or move further to the perimeter – if standing would block other peoples view, to treat those sitting near them courteously, etc.).

Are there restrooms available?

Great news! We’ll now have portable restrooms at BOTH the east end of the park (near the Civic Center parking lot), AND the west end of the park (in the NUMU parking lot).

What about bringing my kids?

Children supervised by adults, are very welcome at Los Gatos Music in the Park.

Are dogs allowed at the concerts?

Absolutely. Los Gatos is a dog-friendly town. Dogs, on leash, are welcome at Los Gatos Music in the Park. Please bring doggie bags and clean-up after them.

Is there lodging in Los Gatos for out-of-towners?

Yes, there are a number of hotels & inns in Los Gatos.

Are there any businesses open after the concerts end at 7:15?

Many wonderful businesses and restaurants near the park, and in the downtown area, are open after the concert, and we encourage our attendees to patronize them!

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