Season 28 - Summer 2015


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Music in the Park: Mike Amaral's CA Beach Boys!

August 2, 2015, 5:00pm

Los Gatos Music in the Park

God only knows how excited we are to hear the good vibrations from Mike Amaral's California Beach Boys! Come stretch out on your beach chairs with a Corona and lime, don your shades, and have the beach brought to you (seriously, why would you want to go on Highway 17?) by this Beach Boys tribute band. It's another take on pitch-perfect harmonies like those from The Four Freshmen. Our concerts are FREE but you can support us by getting our t-shirts or other gear which we sell on the back booth as well as our #jazzcard which features amazing deals all around town. Thank you to our sponsors: Riegel Arts & Rarities, Orangetheory Fitness Los Gatos, El Camino Hospital, and many more! Check out their booths next to ours.

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